Viven Perumal

vivenViven Perumal is a Spiritual Healer who works with Spirit Doctors and Surgeons for the purposes of Psychic Surgery and healing. This is achieved by using The White Light, The Christ Light. He was born in Durban, South Africa and has been involved with Spirituality for over 35 years. He leads The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom, established in 2004, by himself inspired by Spiritual Teachers.

As a child, he has been mentored by his parents, Larry and Nelsie Moonsamy and at an early age he began to be educated in the ways and teachings of the Siddha’s or Masters from India that have served mankind with All Love for centuries, since time immemorial. Since then he has been initiated into Kriya Yoga by the great grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya, the loving disciple of Nagaraj Kriya Babaji the Malaguru.

In 1999, as was later discovered, Spirit perfectly orchestrated a “chance meeting” between Viven and the Sanctuary of Love and Light, which is no more. Viven was then introduced to the late Bill and Norah Currer who established The White Chapel in 1966 which is also no more. The White Chapel was very advanced and channeled approximately 800 lectures from very High Guides in Spirit. Viven has since worked to propagate the teachings, knowledge, wisdom and healing practices of the White Chapel.

In 2003, Spirit suggested that Viven should start his own sanctuary for development and healings, and in 2004 The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom was born, in a local school classroom, as humble beginnings. The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom is the third generation spirit sanctuary, established after The White Chapel and The Sanctuary of Love and Light, which has laid the foundation for miraculous healings and teachings to manifest.

Many amazing developments in healings takes place in The Sanctuary. To illustrate one such feat, it was noted, when patients were due to undergo physical surgery in hospitals, after a healing session or prayer, they would recover soon after the operation, generally free of pain or with little pain. Even major back operations, where the doctor’s orders were to stay in bed for 8 weeks, the patient walked after a day and was discharged after three days. Viven frequently visits hospitals, upon requests by patients, with resounding success leaving doctors and nurses bewildered.

All teachings in The Sanctuary are brought from Spirit of the highest; from 1966 in the days of the White Chapel to present day and The Sanctuary still continues with the documentation of the many lectures from Spirit. Most of the lectures came through Queenie Vorster, who was the trance medium of the White Chapel. This beautiful and dedicated soul had to be prepared over many lives until she could bring through Spirit of the Highest consciousness like, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Moses, John, Paul, Joshua, Simon and various others. Simon, the brother of Christ, was affectionately known as Padre was Queenie’s main Control Guide.

The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom is active with training programs, seminars, development circles, daily physical healings, regressions, possessions, and counseling. The healing techniques that are practiced in the sanctuary are taught by Spirit. All the inspiration, guidance and teachings, are from Spirit. We are truly blessed by being able to serve our Heavenly Mother-Father God, a privilege we are thankful for each day.

The true desire of The Sanctuary of Truth and Wisdom is to propagate consciousness of those interested by passing on the knowledge and healing techniques acquired through the teachings of Spirit of the Christ consciousness, our most Divine and Heavenly Mother-Father, The Great White Light.

God is Absolute - think and speak in positive perfection.
God Bless.